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Award-Winning Garden Design
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Home Exterior Transformations that are Beyond Your Imagination

Creative Exteriors in Natchez, Mississippi, is a landscaping company that provides garden design for home exteriors of residential and commercial customers. We have worked for a number of homes on the Pilgrimage Garden Tour, and our masterpieces are highlighted in the antebellum homes in the area.

Making Your Exteriors More Presentable

Count on us to work with you hand in hand from the design to the installation and maintenance of your yard or garden. We'll handle the whole process, from designing your yard or outdoor kitchen to handling the hardscape and decorating with plants, trees, and shrubs. This service is available for both commercial and residential customers.

Terraces and Patio

Whether you want rock, winter stone, or brick walls for your terrace or patio, we have you covered. We design, implement, and rectify any kind of grade or elevation concerns on your outdoor space. This service also comes with a warranty.

Well-Designed Walls

Here at Creative Exteriors, we provide landscaping ideas for your outdoor space tailored to your preferences and needs. Have us build retaining, structural, or 2-ft. seating walls around your patio or terrace, and we are sure to exceed your expectations.


We offer different many pathway options and styles. If you want to build one from your house to your garden or one that winds through the garden, all you have to do is let us know. The following are some of the types of pathways that we build and install:

Flagstone - Granite - Brick - Pave Stone

Kitchen and Outdoor Cabanas

If you're interested in having a relaxed or contemporary outdoor kitchen, we can provide the suitable hardscape element whether it is stacked stone or brick. To complement your themes, we use only Belgard™ materials. We build your cabanas around any appliance that you have, such as a refrigerator or grill. Our team is also proficient in building fireplaces in contemporary, stucco, or old-world themes that can augment your preferred style.